Thursday, October 1, 2015

Cousins in Provo

Most of Wednesday was spent again on mission office procedures. Alicia learned about how letters and newsletters are produced. I learned the Church’s software program for monitoring vehicle use.  Very impressive! Very sophisticated! (I suppose some future reader of this paragraph will chuckle at that term, but it certainly applies in 2015!)

One might think that the office training might be dry and boring.  It was neither.

In the evening we had a little get-together of cousins here in Provo at the BYU Creamery, where they make what may very well be the best ice cream in the world.

From Left:  Leah Jennings (granddaughter of Virginia Blunck Oaks), Tara Kay Skeen, Sterling Jones, Elder McBride, Sister McBride, Evan Skeen, Michael Skeen, and Michael’s friend, Jessica Johnson. 

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